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JobCore is the future of staffing. We are a staffing and payroll solution built for today's economy. Young adults in this day and age want to take control of their lifestyle and work when they feel they’ll perform best... and let’s not deny it makes sense! So why fight it? We currently serve the hospitality industry in Florida and continue to expand.

Employers, try it for free for 30 days with no risk at all. Job Seekers, download the JobCore app, join our extensive talent pool of young adults, and book unlimited jobs when and where you want them. Book a job at a business near you in the JobCore app today!

First, download the JobCore Talent app, create a profile, and customize your availability and job role preferences.

Then, watch the full-time and/or part-time job invitations come to you. Accept the jobs that best fit your needs, and decline the ones that don’t. Once you’re in the app, we’ll walk you through the quick onboarding steps. It’s that simple.

YES – All of your information is encrypted and secure.

No one likes working hard then waiting for payday. So we gave employers the option to make payday as early as 24 hours after your shift. You’ll receive your pay directly to your bank account via direct deposit.

Yes. Go to Settings > Remove Account. Your JobCore account will be permanently deleted. There’s no going back – it will be gone forever.

As a Job Seeker, the benefit is simple: TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFESTYLE!

  • Work as little or as many hours as you need to.
  • Let your work ethic determine your value, not the industry.
  • Get paid as often as you would prefer.
  • Opportunities come to you.
  • Work around your schedule.

As an Employer, the perks of using JobCore include:

  • Streamlined workforce scheduling.
  • Maximized productivity.
  • Minimized expenses.
  • Bottomless pool of pre-qualified talent.
  • Work ethic transparency.
  • And more!

Not a problem! When you are on the log-in page, enter the email you used to sign-up. Next, when it is requesting you to enter a password, look for the “Forgot Password” link under the password text field. You will need to enter your email address and wait for the password reset email.

Once you accept a job, it’s yours. Make sure beforehand that you’re available. If something comes up more than 24 hours before your shift, you can head to My Jobs and swipe left to cancel the job. If you need cancel within 24 hours of your shift, head to the Job Tracker and tap “Cant make it.” Canceling gigs within this time frame can add penalties to your profile.

JobCore offers a 50% discount on all talent plans for nonprofit organizations only.

We’ll send you push notifications directly to your mobile device when a new employer within your preferences is looking for shifts. Make sure you head to your device settings and turn them on for the JobCore app. These notifications will also tell you when to clock in/out of your shifts, when a business leaves you a review, and when your payment has been disbursed.

Our Support Team is available M-F 10am – 6pm EST. If you run into any issues, they can be reached directly at PHONE # or via Live Chat.

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