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JobCore is where events are organized: A talent pool of curated workers and hundreds of companies organizing events and hiring everyday.

Finally a centralized source of talents and companies!

JobCore is a marketplace focused on the hospitality industry that connects caterers, full service restaurants, nightclubs, bars and janitorial services companies to qualified part-time workers.

Employers create their calendar shifts, recruit workers from our curated pool, communicate, schedule, pay and rate them quicky and efficiently.

Publish Shifts

Setup your job and preferences in a custom calendar.

Find Talent

Access a talent pool of people, rated with experience.

Manage Schedule

Automatically send employees job location and shift times.

Clock In-Out

Track employee performance with GPS located clock in-out features.

Payroll Reports

Instant payroll reports based on employee activity.

Direct Payments

Direct ACH payments to employee bank accounts.

Finally a job marketplace for the hospitality industry!

Finding talent and jobs in the hospitality industry has never been easier.
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Employers can manage
talent & payroll

  • Setup your event and preferences
  • Publish shifts to hundreds of curated talents
  • Hire the talents you want
  • Talent clocks-in / out using our app
  • Manage payroll and pay faster
  • Everything employers need in one platform!

It's never been easier to find jobs and hire in the hospitality industry.

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What our customers are saying about us

JobCore is the best option if you are looking for a efficient way to schedule employees and to hire. On top of that, JobCore's support staff are very attentive to users' needs.

- Fetes and Events, Employer