About Us

Our story. We started our catering and event management company in 2004, and have become industry leaders in the South Florida market over the past 15 years. We have learned the hard way that recruiting qualified workers in the hospitality industry is really hard. The seasonal and temporary nature of our operations hurts our ability to provide good part time workers a steady paycheck, and the best ones end up leaving our industry in search of more hours or higher wages. We thought it did not have to be this way, so we decided to raise the bar for ourselves and the industry as a whole.

We started JobCore Talent in 2018 to bring to market our solution to the staffing problems we experienced ourselves over the past 15 years. It is a platform for event organizers to recruit, schedule, pay and rate part-time workers quickly, efficiently and transparently in the hospitality industry.


Hire Staff

Find the best staff that best fits your need.


Save Time Scheduling

Organize your company's schedule with ease.


Organize Payroll System

Use our powerful payroll tool to process payments.

Our Vision

We envision businesses in the hospitality industry hiring, scheduling and paying for the most qualified and talented part-time employees they can afford based on industry peer recommendations in a transparent and efficient way. We envision employees that want to pursue opportunities in the hospitality industry being able to fulfill their employment needs through multiple meaningful part-time opportunities that fit their schedules, where they can recommend good employers and be rewarded for their good performance while doing the jobs they like.

We envision a hospitality industry where employers and job-seekers collaborate transparently through JobCore Talent, raising the bar for everyone and resulting in less stressed out employers, better working environments, decreased industry-wide employee turnover and the most satisfied end customers.

Our Mission

JobCore Talent's mission is to provide the best tool available to business owners and part-time shift workers in the hospitality industry to collaborate efficiently and transparently, creating mutual opportunity and prosperity.

We deliver

It's never been easier to find jobs and hire in the hospitality industry


Setup your event and preferences


Publish shifts to hundreds of curated talents


Hire the talents you want


Talent clocks-in / out using our app


Manage payroll and pay faster


JobCore Talent takes care of the payments


Everything employers need in one platform!

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